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Marie, USA

"I was in a bit of a dark place when I came across the Pursuit of Happiness and didn't think anything would make a difference. I committed to completing 1 week of the quiz and see how I felt. After 5 days I felt better, so I kept going. After 2 weeks I was a total convert and begging my friends to try it!"

Christa, UK

"You wouldn't believe the changes I have noticed! My confidence has never been so great. I feel I can help others now that I am in a great place. I can tackle my negative thoughts by swapping them with positive thoughts. I am kinder to myself. I know that I can make mistakes. I am human. I feel fantastico!"

Mark, UK

"I took this quiz and keep recommending it to friends. If you want to get the most out of it, take part in all of the exercises because happiness is something you have to work at. The positive thoughts and ideas quiz gives you what you need to bring you happiness."

Philippa, USA

"If you would like to be happier, have better relationships, more fun and even better health – join the quiz! Happier people do better in almost everything and find life more rewarding - as well as enhancing the life experience of the people closest to them! Happiness can be changed and life can become far better."

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