Dustin Hoffman Shares His Heartbreak At Realizing Something Too Many Women Already Know

Feb 27, 2019   |    5 min read

Watch as Dustin Hoffman opens up about the epiphany he had in the build-up to filming his hit comedy Tootsie, and why to him, Tootsie was never a comedy at all.

Would You Like A Supersized Boost Of Positivity? If So, Watch This Fantastic Video!

Feb 23, 2019   |    12 min read

Through the words of two very different human beings, Louie Schwartzberg illuminates the topic of gratitude in such a way you can't help but feel uplifted. Possibly the most uplifting 10 minutes you will have this year. A must watch!

Scientists Explain One Of The Greatest Happiness Boosting Techniques

Feb 17, 2019   |    10 min read

Sneak behind the scenes and see the life-changing power of just 1 happiness boosting activity as it is tested on the study participants.

WARNING: May produce butterflies in the stomach

How To Reverse The Negative Impacts Of Stress

Feb 14, 2019   |    20 min read

Health Psychologist Kelly McGonigal, explains incredible research about stress and how what they discovered is changing the lives of people all over the world.

Happiness: The Completely Free Reward Point System You Need To Join Today

Feb 11, 2019   |    10 min read

Forget what you've been told about happiness because, if you follow these 8 simple truths, you will be shocked how easy it is to create genuine, long-lasting happiness.

The Sad Reality Of Happiness In Modern Society Summed Up In 4 Minute Animation...

Feb 11, 2019   |    5 min read

If you've ever felt unhappy and wondered how you got there, this video may contain the answer.
Take 4 minutes to watch this eye-opening short animation created by London-based artist and animator Steve Cutts.

How A Parent's Affection Shapes A Child's Happiness For Life

Feb 3, 2019   |    6 min read

A fantastic insight into how the affection parents give their children affects their happiness in the future.