Would You Like To Be Happier?

Dear friend,

If you would like to increase your happiness but don't believe it's possible for you, this could be the most important message you ever read.

My name is Lee Chapman, I'm the founder of The Pursuit Of Happiness and...

I Help People Greatly Increase Their Happiness

But, not in the way that you're thinking...

See, men and women come to me because they are unhappy and they don't know what to do to be happy.

They have been trying their best to deal with things that they don't discuss.

But, they're beginning to lose hope...

They feel like they have no control over their happiness.

Because, no matter what they try, they're still trapped by negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

In fact, its my personal experience with this which led me to begin studying happiness in the 1st place.

How To Be Happy

Most of the public don't know this but...

For over 30 years, the world's top universities like Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, UC Berkeley and many more, have been studying happiness, or 'positive psychology' as they call it.

They have discovered exactly how you and I can increase our happiness.

And, even they shocked were shocked by how easy it is!

I wasn't aware of this.

I wish I was because for a long time I was unhappy, but soon I'd realize...

Many People Go Through Life Unhappy... Without Anyone Else Ever Knowing Their Pain

I had very low confidence and self-esteem.

I felt sad because I genuinely believed that I was hopeless.

I thought it was impossible to change and wanted to just run away and hide.

No-one knew, but I felt this way for years.

However, somewhere in inside I held onto a tiny glimmer of hope.

And, one day, in desperation, I picked up a book about happiness.

For the 1st time ever, I discovered I wasn't alone, that there were others who felt the way I did.

And, even better, there were people out there who knew how I could be happy.

I was hooked. 

1 book turned in 100... I started taking online courses... Reading scientific journals... Attending seminars...

Within 5 years I knew exactly how anyone on the planet could greatly increase their happiness!

But... I was still unhappy.

It wouldn't be long before I'd find out why and everything would change...

How To Improve ANYTHING In Your Life

If you want to improve your happiness, or anything in your life for that matter, all you need are 2 things:

  1. 1
    Know which actions to take to make the improvements
  2. 2
    Someone to help you continue to take action until you achieve your goal

Point #1 is fairly obvious. Point #2 is possibly the most unappreciated fact in human life!

Imagine if you had an expert on hand to show you what to do and then keep you on track until you achieved your goal...

You would master any skill you set your mind to wouldn't you!

The reason we all struggle with diets, our New Year's resolutions only last a week and we stop chasing our childhood dreams is because humans are wired to find comfort.

The second we leave our comfort zone, part of our brain does everything in it's power to get us back into it.

I think we're all familiar with that feeling...

So, if this is true, how do some people become so successful?

How Tony Destroyed Resistance And Enjoyed His Journey To Success

If you have a big enough incentive, your brain will no longer hold you back, it will motivate you!

Having someone by your side is a huge incentive to that part of your mind.

Last year I worked with a gentleman who, for his privacy, we'll name Tony.

After regaining his drive and self-esteem, Tony asked if I would help him with something he knew was limiting his happiness...

Whilst struggling with his inner negativity, Tony had put on a lot of weight...

Feeling stronger and more energetic, he wanted to get up early each morning to run 5K to burn some calories, but just couldn't get started.

In his own words Tony said, "The night before, I'm motivated and ready to get up early and get out. As soon as that alarm goes off, my elephant will not move. I feel like a complete idiot."

(In case you're wondering, the elephant is what I call the 'resistant' part of your brain. More on that later.)

To destroy that resistance, I agreed with Tony that I would get up at 6am and expected a video call from him at 6:30 as he was half way through his run.

Sure enough, at 6:30, there was Tony, out in the cold, with a huge smile on his face!

Tony said he actually woke up that morning 5 minutes before his alarm because his elephant simply had to fulfill the promise he made.

It sounds too simple to be true doesn't it?

Simple it is. But, just imagine the difference that 1 tiny change can make to the direction of your life...

Tony and I had that call the first 5 mornings, after that he didn't need me anymore.

Why? I'll explain that another time.

Think... How different would your life be today if in the past year you had exercised an extra 100 hours?

You can be almost certain, if you haven't yet achieved certain goals in life it's because that comfort zone part of your brain has stopped you.

All you need is someone to help you get that part of your brain on your side.

This is true for every single one us!

Not many people know this...

Virtually every single person who has any form of success...

From athletes to movie stars...

Got to where they are because they had someone constantly by their side guiding them and making sure the followed through!

So, you have to ask yourself...

Has Anyone Ever Explained To You How To Be Happy And Helped You Increase Your Happiness?

If you're like most of us, the answer is no.

So, we shouldn't really expect to be happy, should we?

But, what about those people who were never taught about happiness but are still happy?

Well, in any area of life, there are always 1-5% of people who just seem to have these things naturally...

Some people have really good memories...

Some people have great singing voices...

Some people can teach themselves to play a musical instrument...

I am certainly not part of that group.

I am part of a much bigger tribe of people who understand that if we want great things in our lives, we have to work at them.

If you think you'd fit into this tribe too, we'd love to have you!

So, now you know...

The Secret To Greatly Increasing Your Happiness

What has taken you 5 minutes to learn, took me around 5 years!

The secret hit me square in the face one day and cost me £5000 in the process.

I had hired a coach to help me work towards some goals I'd been struggling to achieve.

Completely by chance, we decided I should create a little happiness program to work through, with him making sure I kept at it...

I didn't think it would make much of a difference.

But, in April 2016, over the course of a few short days, my entire life changed.

The exercises sparked something inside of me...

I had confidence and clarity. I was energetic and hopeful. I felt courageous but had a serene sense of calm.

Suddenly, it all made sense. I could see where I had been going wrong all those years.

I knew then and there that I had to be that person who helps others greatly increase their happiness.

Now I am here, talking with you

And I'd like to give you the opportunity to...

Try It Yourself For Free

If you want to get a taster of what's possible, why not join me for a free 30 minute happiness consultation and see for yourself what a difference it makes...

Or, if you want to dive straight in and start improving your happiness like I did, click the button below to take a look at the one-of-a-kind Happiness Program.

Some Of The Things You'll Discover

Working on your happiness is actually really fun and interesting!

Just look at some of the things you would discover:

  • The everyday foods eating away at your happiness without you even knowing it
  • How to increase your confidence, happiness, energy AND look younger, with 1 simple exercise
  • Think you need to have your whole life perfect to be happy? Think again! Learn the truth about how your happiness works, a truth virtually no-one knows
  • If you like elephants, you need to know just how important they are to your happiness
  • Find out why individuals who have been unhappy have the ability to be happier than those who have lived easy lives
  • Discover how to increase your happiness and feel more at ease around people in 12 seconds
  • Most people believe you would need to work hard at improving your happiness, much like a diet. That's completely wrong! I will show you 1 exercise which will take you around 5 minutes and has been proven by science to increase your happiness for up to 6 months!
  • Discover the ridiculously simple activity the world's happiest people do which makes them so happy
  • ...Then, find out how to make your brain perform this activity automatically without you even needing to think about it
  • If you love a cup of tea, you're going to enjoy them even more after you hear this...
  • Can you increase your happiness even if you have the most overly scheduled diary in the world? Of course, that's beginners stuff!
  • You could do absolutely everything the same in your life, but change this 1 tiny thing and your happiness will spiral up very quickly
  • Happier people seem to have total control over their life, do they know something the rest of us don't? No, increasing your happiness comes with A LOT of wonderful bonuses, completely free
  • What would you do if you could increase yours and your child's brain power by 12%? You better come up with an answer because when you start working on your happiness, your brain power will increase
  • You should also start thinking about what you'll do when you wake up feeling more energetic, more courageous, more playful, more romantic, younger, healthier, empowered and vibrant
  • How to be happy, even when those around you are making you feel terrible
  • Find out what one scientist asked a group of 70 year olds to think about which left them feeling 20 years younger and even improved a large number of health markers in their bodies
  • Discover the 1 thing you must do before going into any situation which makes you nervous
  • Is it possible to find complete relaxation, even when the world around you won't give you 5 minutes peace and quiet? With these 3 steps it is...
  • Increasing your happiness wouldn't encourage weight loss at the same time would it? You may need a new wardrobe if you boost your happiness with these activities...
  • What can your favourite GOT character can teach you about happiness?
  • One of Harvard's longest ever studies discovered this one thing has a ginormous effect on your happiness... But, what was it?
  • How much of a positive effect would your increase in happiness have on those you love the most? Hint: A very big one. Especially if you have young children!
  • Is there a desert which tastes fantastic, that can be eaten every day, which will help you lose weight, increase your health and happiness, improve your skin and hair, and strengthen your immune system? There is indeed... And get this... you can add chocolate to it and make it even more powerful!
  • How to be happy, even if you don't think it's possible for you and you've completely given up hope...
  • The happiness lesson taught by a deaf 16 year old Staffordshire Bullterrier named Abby which everyone needs to hear...

Bonuses Of Working On Your Happiness

People I have worked with before have noticed:

  • Being in a better mood
  • Feeling more confident
  • Having much better sleep
  • Feeling more optimistic
  • Receiving compliments from others
  • Feeling more calm and less stressful
  • Renewed love in their relationships

It's about so much more than just smiling more...

If you start working on your happiness you set in motion a cascade of positive experiences.

I have a story which illustrates perfectly...

How Quickly Your Happiness Can Improve...

I worked recently with a lady, and to respect her privacy, I'll call her Marie.

Marie and I worked on one of my favourite exercises whereby you simply write 5 sentences to remind yourself to keep using your great features.

This is what Marie and I came up with: 

  • Marie, you are a first-class person, so be a first-class person in everything you do.
  • You are kind and loving, so let your kindness and loving shine through to all around you.
  • Marie, you are a big-thinker, so think big about everything.
  • You see happiness all around you, so allow that happiness to sink deep down inside of you.
  • You are very adventurous, so continue to adventure into the unknown.

All you have to do is write out your 5 things and remember to read them twice per day.

Seems pretty simple doesn't it?

Well, this is what happened to Marie...

Marie's Happiness Snowball

Marie noticed a change in the way she felt while we were doing the exercise...

But, it snowballed verrrry quickly.

See, after completing the exercise, her mood was certainly better than usual and, as instructed, she re-read the list just as she was going to bed.

This meant instead of going to bed with her usual stress-inducing thoughts...

She had tilted the balance slightly and was thinking a few stressful thoughts but some positive ones too.

This meant she fell asleep slightly easier and actually woke up feeling a tiny bit more refreshed than usual...

She read her list again and carried on with her morning as usual...

But, because she was slightly more rested, everything seemed slightly less frantic.

As she was out, she noticed something strange...

She passed a bakery and picked up the smell of fresh bread...

She passed a flowering bush and was taken aback by it's bright yellow flowers and their smooth, sweet fragrance.

On their own, these things were tiny, but added together they actually made her feel rather good.

At work her energy was now slightly higher and her mood slightly better...

This was reflected in the conversations she had with colleagues...

As her energy was more positive, so was theirs, so she actually felt a sense of confidence and cheerfulness from the conversations.

At home that evening, following on from the day Marie had, she felt much more patient with her 2 boys and they got to sit down and have a nice dinner together...

Something which lifted all 3 of their spirits.

Relaxing in the bath, her mind was more at ease so she could actually enjoy the bath for once...

She could feel the warmth of the water covering her and smell the lavender. 

As she climbed into her comfy bed that night, she enjoyed a much more peaceful experience...

Her mind was slightly more at ease...

Her thoughts focused more on the conversations at work and the dinner with her boys...

She said she felt like the day had been a success, a win, a step in the right direction...

She read her list again and fell straight to sleep. 

One Small Step For Marie...

Was Marie's life changed after one nice day?

Of course not.

If Marie stopped there and decided that was it, she'd have been back to square one 3 days later.

But, she didn't.

Marie and I were actually working on 4 different exercises at that point...

All as simple.

Each creating a small happiness snowball of their own.

Marie and I worked together for 6 weeks in the 1st run of the Happiness Program.

Each week new exercises were introduced to keep it fresh and to increase her happiness from a variety of different angles.

Within days Marie knew things had changed inside of her...

One Giant Leap For Marie's Happiness

We're still in contact and I have seen her life grow in so many ways...

She says she is so much more confident now, her relationships are better than ever and she has rediscovered her sense of optimism and hope.

Her snowball actually got so big that she has started her own company!

She now has complete control over her happiness and her finances.

Not a bad place to be, I'm sure you'll agree.

Are Marie's Results Typical?

Yes and no.

I can tell you, with my hand on my heart, that if you work with me on these exercises your happiness will improve greatly.


I guarantee it.

There is only 1 thing I have seen which has stopped people from getting these kind of results...

Not doing the exercises.

What benefits will you see?

It's hard to say, happiness is very personal. 

I know 1 thing for sure, you will be blinking glad you took the time to find out!

Over To You...

Everything you need to start increasing your happiness is ready and waiting for you...

All you need to do is step forward and get involved.

Remember, you're going to have resistance, everyone does.

Your life changes when you feel that resistance and click one of the buttons anyway.

I'll take care of everything else for you.

The rest really just happens automatically :)

If you want to jump right in and go through a similar but improved program which Marie went through...

Click the button below and take a look at the Happiness Program launching Saturday 1st June.


Join in below to become part of a global community of happy people and find out how to truly start feeling great!

I look forward to hearing from you,